The council of hope and moving for the future!! Chungcheongnam-do council is making it.


Welcome to Chungcheongnam-do council homepage.

We sincerely welcome dear residents and netizens visiting our Chungcheongnam-do Council homepage.

Our Chungcheongnam-do Council, originally launched in 1952 but dismissed in 1961, has been developing for 27 years since the re-opening in 1991.
As a representative organization of 2.2 million residents, we will take care of provincial household through budgets and accounts deliberation, enact regulations that directly influence lives of residents and examine/monitor administration for residents.

All 42 council members are actively working starting form grasping the true will of our people to ultimately hearten people’s minds.

This homepage you’re visiting plans to serve as a place of communication.
By disclosing all activities lively, we will do our best to resolve your curiosity on the council activities

The owner of Chungnam-do Council is 2.2 million residents.
Your freely-expressed opinions will be preciously treated as an information for council activities. Please feel free to leave good opinions when visiting Chungnam-do Council homepage. We ask for your affectionate interests and huge support.
Thank you.

Chungcheongnam-do council chairman Yoo Ikhwan

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