The council of hope and moving for the future!! Chungcheongnam-do council is making it.


The Council holds legislative rights to enact, amend and annul its rules, and financial rights to deliberate and confirm proposed budgets, and confirm whether budgets have been executed properly. It also conducts audit and investigation into administrative affairs, thus controling relevant authorities' activities. And, it treats people's petitions, and other matters in accordance with laws and its rules.

What is the petition? Under the petition system, through the introduction of councilmen, people may submit written suggestions to relevant local government's authorities and the Council. Petitions are limited to requests for relief of damage and correction of officials' wrongdoing. Intervention in trials, defilement of state agencies, and matters violating laws, are not accepted as a petition. Detailed contents are in Petition menu

Deliberation of petition

  • Submit petition (Accept) - Write detailed reason and purpose in written petition with introduction of the council member(Write name, address and sign or seal)
  • Submission and deliberation in the standing committee
  • Deliberation and voting in the main session
  • Transfer to the local head - attach written opinion
  • Report result to the council
  • Notice to the petitioner

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