The council of hope and moving for the future!! Chungcheongnam-do council is making it.

Audit and Investigation on Administrative Affairs

The Council holds legislative rights to enact, amend and annul its rules, and financial rights to deliberate and confirm proposed budgets, and confirm whether budgets have been executed properly. It also conducts audit and investigation into administrative affairs, thus controling relevant authorities' activities. And, it treats people's petitions, and other matters in accordance with laws and its rules.

The Council conducts audit on executive organ's administrative affairs for up to 14 days during 2 annual ordinary meetings. With
the proposal of more than 1/3 of its members, it may investigate into specific matters of administrative affairs after its Main
Session resolves to do so.
The Council may confirm facts on the spot and request to submit relevant documents in order to ensure accurate audit and
investigation into administrative affairs. It may request the presence of the governor or relevant officials, and have them testify
as witnesses or state their opinions as references. The local head or relevant officials may attend the Council and relevant
committees to report the status of processing administrative affairs, state their opinions and respond to questions.

Audit and Investigation on administrative affairs

  • Preparation - 1.Decide the period. 2.Make plan for audit on administrative affairs. 3.Approval in main session for object organ.  - approval for audit plan. 4.Transfer audit plan (requested data list, etc). 5.Take and distribute requested data list from the local government or executive organ (For members)
  • Conduct - 1.Conduct audit on administrative affairs (Standing committee). - Announce for audit conducting and greeting. - Report and Q & A. - Evaluate result of audit and announce the ending.
  • Handling result - 1.Make result report for audit and submit it.  - To the chairman by each standing committee. 2.Adopt audit in the main session.  - Correct and request for handling, etc. 3.Transfer audit correction and request for handling.  - To the local government and concerned organ. 4.Correct and report result  - Report to the local government and concerned organ. 5.Report correction and handling result to the committee.

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